Who We Are

Our Mission

Mountain Harvest is committed to growing accessible and thriving community systems through equitable policy, advocacy, and action. 

Our Vision

    Mountain Harvest believes that equity within community infrastructure is critical. We see the whole of the process, ask the right questions, and move the right policies and systems forward. We believe patience, determination, and compassion carry the good work of communities into a resilient and thriving future. 

About Meighen

Meighen Lovelace lives and farms with her two daughters on Colorado’s Western Slope. She founded the Mountain Harvest Coalition- building a community farm and four season greenhouse for the Vail Valley Salvation Army and providing year round fresh produce for the food bank. She has since passed that work along to community leaders to pursue a deep dive into Food and Farm Policy.
Meighen serves on the National Advisory Committee for the Alliance to End Hunger, the Policy Committee for Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, the Advisory Board for the Colorado Food Policy Network, the Steering Committee for the Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger, and serves as the Western Slope Producer Representative and Vice Chair of the Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council as appointed by the Governor. She recently completed an internship with National Farmers Union in Washington D.C.