What We Do



From my years leading a civics literacy organization where I organized legislative visits and connected my graduates with long term leadership roles, to my time spent working the land to truly commune with the elements and peoples so critical to our rural communities, to my deep dive into the policy process under the mentorship of Farmers Union, the governors’ commission on agriculture, and our legislators, I am well qualified to serve.


It is of the utmost urgency that we dedicate ourselves to building resilience for communities across America. Food policy is at the heart of this work, assuring equity and access for our future. I am committed to empowering just and equitable systems for our next generations of community leaders. My years of grassroots advocacy, policy building, and community organizing make Mountain Harvest an ideal team member when you are ready to move your vision forward. 



My family and I have traveled across the United States, visiting with community leaders and gathering their stories. I worked side by side on their farms, accompanied them to their town halls, and listened to their policy needs. Being the boots on the ground allows me to bring the community experience to decision makers in a powerful way.